Root Canal

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The words "root canal" are usually associated with pain and discomfort, and cause many of us to cringe when we hear of someone having one done, or when we are told that we need to have one. Of course we know and understand that the procedure is beneficial to our oral health, but the horror stories have already been told, and until we have a first hand experience, it will always be a dreaded procedure. 

Usually when the tooth has a small cavity, a filling may be all that is needed to restore the functionality of the tooth. However, there are times when the tooth is so badly decayed or infected, that the nerve of the tooth, and the pulp which is in the center of the tooth also becomes infected and/or damaged. This is when a root canal becomes necessary. If treatment is not sought at this time, then it will get to the point where extraction of the tooth is necessary. At Russellville Family Dentistry, our goal is to avoid extractions and save your natural teeth. Extractions lead to gaps in the mouth which causes the other teeth to shift, and eventually this can affect your bite and lead to other problems. 

So what exactly do we have to look forward to during a root canal? During the procedure, the pulp and the nerve of the tooth are removed, and the inside is then sealed and cleaned. Usually a crown is put on to protect the underlying tooth. Having a damaged nerve in the tooth alone does not suggest that a root canal is necessary. The nerve's only function is sensory - determining hot or cold. However, when the pulp and the nerve tissue become damaged, it breaks down and this causes bacteria to form in the pulp chamber. This can lead to one getting an abscessed tooth, and can eventually lead to swelling around the face and neck and severe toothache.

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